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Music Lessons - One on One

Either in person or over the internet.

Perhaps you are a musician looking for a new challenge, or someone looking to build a music career with a realistic opportunity of a full or part time income or if you want to learn more about professional media music  (ie for Film, Games, Television, Trailer music and advertising) then I am here to help.

Some possible topics below..


How to develop past an 8 bar initial idea

Modern approach to composition

Epic music and Trailer Music

Traditional Film music 


Study of great Film composers such as Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith and many more..


How to use a DAW (Digitial Audio Workstation)

Including midi programming, working with sample libraries and multiple articulations, working with soft synths

Mixing and mastering

What plugins and sample libraries do I really need for a professional level of sound

Working in Wwise and Unity for games to build adaptive music systems


How to orchestrate and preparing parts for a film orchestra

Working with Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion and Choir sections

Using notation programs, preparing parts and the differences between writing for film orchestras compared to traditional orchestra

Film and Games

How to approach scoring a film without being overwhelmed

How to work with a director and carry out a spotting session

Meeting deadlines and deliverables, managing multiple cues.  

Different types of games cues explored, exploration music vs combat music vs menu music

How to design an adaptive music system for a game

If you’d like more information or to sign up for classes, get in touch today.


facebook: Brendon Varcoe

discord: brendonvarcoe

For more information or to sign up to lessons either contact me above or using the below form

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